Deer Hunter 2014 Cheats, Tips and Guides

These Deer Hunter 2014 cheats, tips and guides will teach you all the tricks you need to know to beat the game for iOS and Android. We will show you how to get free gold, free energy, and free money in Deer Hunter. Unlock all regions, guns, and animals, and learn how to make the perfect heart and lung shots. Deer Hunter 2014 is easily one of the best hunting shooter games of the year, so start using these cheats and tips to become an expert Deer Hunter! Read all about Deer Hunter 2014 latest update.








For a comprehensive walkthrough to the how to play the game, you can check out our full Deer Hunter 2014 guide, which includes animals, weapons, game modes and strategies. We also have general Deer Hunter Tips and Cheats that can be useful no matter where you are in the game.

What is Deer Hunter 2014?

Deer Hunter 2014 is a shooting game that simulates different animal hunts around the world. The game will take you over 5 different continents and features dozens of different animals. In each region, the game follows a path of progression that requires more difficult and more aggressive animals as well as more difficult target shots. For example, animals like wolves, bears and lions will attack you if you do not kill them with one shot. Deer Hunter also adds to the challenge by requiring heart or lung shots or asking for multiple kills back to back. The game is based on an energy system, which means that each time you play a mission, you lose a little bit of energy. When your energy bar reaches 0, you will have to wait before you can play more Deer Hunter. Don’t worry – we figured out a cheat to get around this. Read our post on how to get a full Deer Hunter energy bar instantly and for free.

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Achieving the objective in each mission of the game gives Deer Hunter cash. Harder levels provide more cash, which is used to unlock increasingly expensive weapons. The upgrade system means that you will always be working towards the next gun or upgrading your existing gun. There are four different weapons to choose from: the rifle, shotgun, assault rifle and pistols. Each gun is used for different types of shots and hunts. It can be a challenge to earn money in this game for the necessary upgrades, so read our guide if you need to learn how to farm cash in Deer Hunter 2014. Some weapons are gold only – so if you don’t know yet, learn how to get free Deer Hunter gold in our guide.

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