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Deer Hunter 2014 Cheats Club Hunts Guide, Tips and Walkthrough

Follow these Deer Hunter 2014 cheats, tips, and walkthroughs for Deer Hunter 2014 Club Hunts to improve your multiplayer/co-op hunting game! Deer Hunter cheats, tips and walkthroughs for the latest version of the game for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android to help you figure out Club Hunt permits and hunt down your animal prey. Here you will find all the tips, cheats, guides and walkthroughs you need for Deer Hunter 2014 Club Hunts guide!

How Do I Get Club Hunting Permits?

The only way to receive Deer Hunter 2014 Club Hunts is by purchasing them.

What Do I Get With Club Hunt Permits? And How Much Do They Cost?

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The Deer Hunter 2014 Club Hunt permits are $0.99, and you get 20 of them. You will also receive more missions, objectives, and challenges!

What Do These Deer Hunter Club Hunt Permits Do?

These Deer Hunter 2014 Club Hunt permits allow for co-op hunting with other users in Deer Hunter 2014, as well as providing different regions and areas–where you can earn more cash. You can join your friends and complete various Club Hunt challenges and goals! A lot of the Club Hunt permits will allow you to compete in Club Hunt challenges, which do require a lot of groups working together to complete each objective. In addition, the Club Hunt permits allow for a longer game-play and is one of the newest features to be added to the Deer Hunter series.

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