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Deer Hunter 2014 Cheats & Tips

Follow these Deer Hunter 2014 cheats and tips to improve your hunting game. Deer Hunter cheats for the latest version of the game for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android to help you hunt down your animal prey easily. We will show you how to line up the perfect shot, use the handy infrared gun add-on and other upgrades, and make all your targets in Deer Hunter 2014.
deer hunter 2014 cheats

Top Deer Hunter Cheats and Tips

1. Take your time to line up your perfect first shot.

Screenshot (178)
The trick to Deer Hunter is to take your time and align your shots correctly. If you miss your first shot, it will take time to reload and the animal will run away a second later. However, if you can accurately pinpoint a lung or heart shot on the first try, you can beat nearly every level even without other upgrades. If an animal is moving or not in good view, wait a minute for it to change positions.

2. Use Infrared and Sight Gun Upgrades for easy head shot, heart shot and lung shots.

Screenshot (180)
Since animals stand still in most levels of Deer Hunter, you have plenty of time to plan a first shot. If you zoom in all the way and then turn on Infrared, you can achieve nearly 100% accuracy. Also remember that it is easiest to hit Heart shots from the back or side as the Lungs cover the heart from an animal’s front.

3. Keep one hand on the gun target and one hand on the trigger.

Screenshot (179)
Once you have your target lined up, you want to be able to shoot right away. If you try to play with one hand, your aim may destabilize by the time you get your finger to the trigger.

4. In missions where you must kill more than one animal, shoot the easy target LAST.

Screenshot (181)
For example, if you have to hit two targets, hit the more difficult shot first. This gives you as much time as you need to take aim on a long hard shot. Leave the easiest and closest kills for the last target since you won’t have much time to aim before the animals run. Always remember which targets are where on the map so you can quickly move your gun and shoot after reloading.

5. Save the Trophy Hunts for when you can no longer go any farther in the regular routes.

Screenshot (182)
Trophy hunts will give you large sums of cash, but they will burn your energy faster than other missions.

6. Don’t skimp on Power Upgrades.

Screenshot (183)
Power is a stat that affects all other stats. While you can compensate for a lower sight by being able to aim from farther away, it will be difficult to 1-hit kill without sufficient Power.

7. In missions where animals you shoot may try to attack you, carry a shotgun for your secondary weapon.

Screenshot (184)
This is very useful for animals that often survive the first hit and run at you. Switch quickly to your shot gun to kill them at close range.

8. Use shot guns for birds.

Screenshot (185)
If you find that birds are hard to hit with the rifle, switch to the shotgun. You can land a hit even if your shot isn’t totally on-target.

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