Deer Hunter 2014

Deer Hunter 2014 Tips

Our Deer Hunter 2014 tips covers every tactic you need to know to beat Deer Hunter 2014 from Glu Mobile.  Deer Hunter is a hunting simulation game where you travel through different missions around the world to hunt rare and exotic animals, while unlocking new weapons and regions. The gameplay is straightforward, but can get challenging with all the necessary weapons, upgrades and target shots.  Learn everything you need to know about the Deer Hunter 2014’s gameplay and features here.

Deer Hunter Tips and Cheats – All Game Modes

deer hunter 2014 trophy hunt

  • Bird Hunts can be tricky at first, but with our tips, you can complete one in less than 30 seconds – a fast way to earn gold for sure! Read more »
  • Club Hunts let you play Deer Hunter 2014 in co-op with friends online. This semi-hidden feature can be a bit difficult to find. We’ll teach you what you need to get set up in Club Hunt. Read more »
  • Each region requires successful completion of all trophy hunts to continue. We have the complete Trophy Hunt video walkthroughs to unlock every region. Read more »

deer hunter 2014 gold

Deer Hunter is a freemium game which means it can be played for free, but certain upgrades and features can be paid for with real money. Some of these monetary purchases include stronger weapons, extra club hunt licenses and more energy. Don’t want to spend a dime? We have 10 ways to beat the Deer Hunter 2014 without spending any money at all. Read More »

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