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Top 10 Steps to Beating Deer Hunter Without Gold


Glu Games’ latest creation, Deer Hunter 2014, can really get you reaching for your wallet. It is possible however to complete the game without spending any real money. Follow the tips below to complete every mission with ONLY in-game cash:

  1. Farm cash by killing Trophy Hunts WITHOUT completing the mission.

    You can easily farm extra cash throughout the day in Trophy Hunts. If it asks you to kill with a heart shot, use a headshot or bodyshot instead. You can often earn much more gold this way than through contract hunts or the regular trail hunts. This is a super fast way to make cash quickly.

  2. Save up the free gold that you can get in the game.

    Deer Hunter will give you 1 gold for each level up. You can eventually save all the free gold you get to buy a gun or upgrade.

  3. Get the free gold in the store. 

    Click “Free Glu credits” in the store and you can earn credits for either watching videos (+1 gold each) or clicking TapJoy Offers. the TapJoy Offers are mostly free as well and can earn you a large sums of gold. If you need more help, go to our step-by-step instructions for free gold.

  4. Go for heart shots whenever possible.

    The 10 extra cash may not seem much, but it will add up. Infrared and Zoom make this a super easy task for most missions, so there’s no reason not to do it. If you miss the heart, you’ll most likely get the lung shot at least.

  5. Wait for upgrades. 

    Some upgrades need to be imported – simply wait 5 minutes to equip it. Don’t have the patience to wait? Skip it just by changing the clock on your phone. And if you don’t have enough cash to upgrade immediately, most levels can be beaten even without the recommended upgrades. Only Trophy Hunts have required equipment.

  6. Don’t pay for energy! 

    Don’t pay to get more energy! You can re-fill your energy bar for FREE by changing the clock on your mobile device. Read more on our step by step guide for more energy.

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