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Deer Hunter 2014 Top iPhone and Android Game!

Deer Hunter 2014 was once again the #1 most downloaded app this week on iOS. The game was released about a month ago and has continued to gain more and more fans. Deer Hunter 2014 has stayed on the top of the list for iOS and Android apps and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. Here were last month’s record-breaking numbers from Deer Hunter 2014, making it the best selling app to date for Glu Games.

Deer Hunter 2014 mobile app records:

  • 5 million+ downloads in first 7 days after release
  • Single-day record of 1 million+ global downloads for a single title
  • #7 U.S. Top Grossing on iPhone App Store
  • Single-day record of 18 million + gameplay sessions
  • Single-day record for Glu Game’s highest global revenues for a single title
  • #1 Top Free App in 19 countries
  • #1 Top Free Game in 78 countries

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